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Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™

Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™

TCS Biosciences are delighted to announce we are the UK distributors for the EIT Bactiscan™ and BactiscanPRO™ range of handheld bacteria and biofilm detection systems

Bactiscan™ products utilise proprietary wave-alternating UV light technology to locate surface contamination, especially as a prelude to ATP swab testing in production facilities. Being lightweight, and easy-to-use, one operator can examine large areas quickly, with minimal training required. The products are environmentally friendly and safe for people and products, as it requires no chemicals to generate results. BactiscanPRO™ utilises still photography and video capture capability for maintenance and remedial works.

Bactiscope™ also uses the same wave-alternating UV light technology, but is designed to inspect awkward to access areas and inside pipework. Images or video captured can be uploaded to an internal quality system for audit purposes or documented corrective action.

Extremely environmentally friendly as it requires no chemicals or dyes.

  • Immediately isolate areas of bacteria, biofilms, mould, product residue and many other contaminants
  • Inspect large surface areas quickly and easily
  • Environmentally friendly, non-invasive, and safe to handle / use
  • For most areas, downtime is not required
  • Can help save money by making other testing, such as ATP swab tests, more targeted and efficient

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If you would like to know more or organise an on-site demonstration, contact us on +44 (0) 1296 714222 or sales@tcsgroup.co.uk

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May 2024

New Website for 2024

New Website for 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website for 2024, which is now live and ready to explore.

Our team has worked to create a fresh, modern look for the website, with improved navigation and an enhanced online ordering experience.

We believe that this new website will make it easier for our customers to find what they need and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

We encourage you to take a look around and let us know what you think. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated as it helps us to improve our service and better meet your needs.

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Feb 2024

Incorrect accreditation symbol, 24 January - 1 March 2023

We would like to apologise to our customers who viewed and/or printed Certificates of Analysis for our Selectrol® products between 24 January and 1 March 2023. The 'Test Report on Selectrol® Disc Quality Control samples from Lot xxxxxxxx' section incorrectly included the BSI certification mark rather than the UKAS accreditation symbol. This has now been corrected. If you have any questions, please contact qc@tcsbiosciences.co.uk.

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Mar 2023

TCS Biosciences partnership with Monocent Inc.

TCS Biosciences partnership with Monocent Inc.

TCS Biosciences Ltd is pleased to announce partnership with Monocent Inc.

Monocent Inc. is a U.S-based developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative IVD and Research products with a comprehensive array of superior offerings.

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Nov 2022



TCS Biosciences Ltd is pleased to announce our exclusive distribution partnership with Xebios, distributing COLIKAT RAPID.

Introducing COLIKAT RAPID, a rapid test for the simultaneous detection of total coliforms and Escherichia coli in a wide range of water sample matrices.

  • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 9308-2:2012
  • Simultaneous detection and quantification of Escherichia coli and total coliforms
  • Sample evaluation after 18 hours
  • Optimized workflow for the laboratory

Click here for more information: https://www.tcsbiosciences.co.uk/colikat.php

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Jul 2021

Accu-Bac - a new quantitative micro-organism

Accu-Bac - a new quantitative micro-organism

TCS is excited to announce our innovative new quantitative micro-organism product, Accu-Bac.

Accu-Bac is a guaranteed second generation derivative of NCTC cultures, manufactured under licence from UK Health Security Agency.

Each carefully prepared disc will contain a target range of 100 c.f.u, with 95% confidence interval stated on the Certificate of Analysis. This is ideal for most quantitative applications. Accu-Bac will be supplied in 1 disc vials and has a 12 month shelf-life from the date of manufacture.

  • Target CFU counts of 100 per disc, with 95% confidence interval range stated on the Certificate of Analysis
  • Shelf life of 12 months
  • Simple to use, no dilutions required
  • Guaranteed 2nd generation and fully traceable to the original NCTC source strain
  • Certificates of Analysis available from our website
  • Identification and Characterisation testing completed in accordance with our UKAS accredited scope

For more information click here: https://www.tcsbiosciences.co.uk/accu-bac.php

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Apr 2021

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