To:  Customers and Distributors of StainHD product range

It is our intention to change the Manufacturing Process of the products listed below.  The details of the change and the reason for it are given below.

If you have any difficulties or concerns accepting the change, please contact us immediately.

Product: StainHD product range (see list overleaf)

Proposed Change Date: From 1 March 2022

Change Details:

We are discontinuing some of the products and/or pack sizes from our current catalogue of StainHD products.

Reason for Change:

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic TCS Biosciences continues to focus our production activities on our core products.

We have further reviewed our range of StainHD products and identified those products and pack sizes that are slower selling.

Some products will be discontinued from the range and some other products will have fewer pack sizes available than currently.  See list below


This change control is issued to give customers and distributors as much advance notice as possible prior to implementation of the change.

Until 1 March 2022 the products/pack sizes will continue to be available for sale while stocks last.

For your information, a certificate of analysis will be available for each product on our website https://www.tcsbiosciences.co.uk/dyesandstains/

Product / Pack sizes no longer available

Product code Product and pack size
HC product codes
HC2080-100 Karnowsky’s Fixative 100ml
HC5005-5L Citroclear 5L
HC8503 -1L Acetone 1L
HC8542-100 Berlese Fluid 100ml
HC8545-500 Bouin Fixative 500ml
HC8685-1L Glycerol-1L
HC8700-1 Gold chloride (brown)
HD product codes
HD1040-10 Alcian Blue 8GX 10g
HD1040-100 Alcian Blue 8GX 100g
HD1245-10 Chlroantine Fast Red 10g
HD1295-25 Crystal Violet
HD1320-100 Eosin Yellowish 100g
HD1410-25 Field’s Stain A (compound) 25g
HD1415-25 Field’s Stain B (compound) 25g
HD1525-100 Leishman Stain 100g
HD1715-25 Neutral Red 25g
HD1755-25 Orange G (acid orange 10) 25g
HD1760-10 Orcein (synthetic) 10g
HD1850-100 Safranin O 100g
HDS product codes
HDS05-100 Antigen Retrieval Buffer conc 100ml
HDS40/7.5-500 PBS Concentrate for Immuno 500ml
HS product codes
HS115-500 Alcian Blue 8GX (1% w/v aqueous) 500ml
HS140-500 Auramine Phenol (Lempert) 500ml
HS142-1L Auramine Phenol 10 x conc. 1L
HS165-100 Carbol Fuchsin (Gram) 10 x conc. 100ml
HS205 – 100 Cotton Blue – Lactophenol (Amann) 100ml
HS250-500 Eosin Y (1% aqueous) 500ml
HS255-500 Eosin Y (5% aqueous) 500ml
HS260-1L Eosin Y (1% alcoholic) 1L
HS280-250 Fuchsin Basic (sat. alco. soln.) 250ml
HS295-1L Giemsa Stain (modified) 1L
HS307-100 Gram’s Iodine 10 x conc 100ml
HS310-1L Gram’s Decolouriser 1L
HS315-500 Haemalum Mayer 500ml
HS345-500 Haematoxylin Gill 3 500ml
HS375-1L Haematoxylin Weigert Solution A 1L
HS380-500 Haematoxylin Weigert Solution B 500ml
HS390-1L Jenner Stain (modified) 1L
HS400-1L Leishman Stain 1L
HS405-500 Light Green (Masson) 500ml
HS430-1L Lugol’s Iodine 10 x conc. 1L
HS440-100 Malachite Green 10 x conc. 100ml
HS445-1L May Grunwald Stain (modified) 1L
HS500-250 Methylene Blue (1% w/v alcoholic) 250ml
HS500-500 Methylene Blue (1% w/v alcoholic) 500ml
HS520-100 Methylene Blue Polychrome 100ml
HS520-250 Methylene Blue Polychrome 250ml
HS555-500 Neutral Red (1% aqueous) 500ml
HS612-100 Orcein Solution (Shikata) 100ml
HS630-1L Papanicolaou Stain EA50 1L
HS635-1L Papanicolaou Stain OG6 1L
HS672-500 Potassium Permanganate (1% aq) 500ml
HS705-1L Rapid Romanowsky Stain Pack 3 x 1L
HS705A-2.5L Rapid Romanowsky Stain A 2.5L
HS705B-2.5L Rapid Romanowsky Stain B 2.5L
HS705C-2.5L Rapid Romanowsky Stain C 2.5L
HS762-100 Thiazine Red 10 x conc. 100ml
HS775-250 Trichrome Stain for Protozoa 250ml
HS776-250 Trichrome Stain for Microsporidia 250ml
HS785-1L Wright Stain (modified) 1L
HS785-500 Wright Stain (modified) 500ml
HS805-MB Cold ZN – Kinyoun Stain Pack 3 x 250ml

Dec 2021

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